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What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is an independent cast member who promotes SportsLink. An Ambassador earns commission based on revenues resulting from the community that they build.
Every parent or athlete that signs up using your code is in your community.

So, what is SportsLink?

Sports recruiting is often a "Mystery for parents and athletes. SportsLink is a social media based app built to help athletes, coaches and parents collect, share and manage sports performance and recruiting information for individuals and teams, and all in one place.

How Does The Program Work?

You apply to be in the Ambassador program as an Independent Cast Member. Independent means, your ambassadorship is your business sort of like Monetizing videos on Youtube.
You are in control.

How Do I Get Paid?

Build your community by encouraging people to join and manage their sports information on SportsLink. They must join using a sign up code that you provide them. When your eligible community makes qualified purchases, you earn commission.

Build Your Community Fast

  • Attend games and sporting events to promote and sign people up on the spot
  • Market like placing posters in barber shops, businesses where athletes and parents frequent.
  • Register the sites where you place posters and create your own core or Ambassador Support

More Details

  • Become a local or online celebrity in your community
  • Sign autographs
  • Create and post videos announcing which events you are attending.
  • Go-live online at Local Events
  • Volunteer for charity events in your area to bring attention to needs in your community

More Details

  • Attend Local Youth Sporting Events
  • Promote local athletes/ post video clips
  • Work with SportsLink Broadcast Analysts to feature athletes
  • Teach about SportsLink tools and services

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